Coming Soon

I have a few series on the go at the moment. They're listed below in roughly the order you can expect them to be added to. The further into the future we look the more tentative the details are. This is what I *hope* will happen. Reality may be different!
Avian Shifters
The second edition of Duck! is now available to pre-order. Find out more here.
Magie is also going to be re-edited/polished for a new indi edition. A follow up novella will concentrate on Evert's attempts to improve Kane's behaviour. Tentative hope for an October or November 2015 release.
After that, we have the third book in the series - Albatross - which will focus on Evert's friend Ambrose and a new edition to the nest. Not sure where this will fit into my to do list at this point.
Kinky Cupid
I have my fingers crossed that two novellas in this series will be released for Valentine's Day 2016. Book 3 will be all new. All the Gear, No Idea will be re-worked and released as Book 4.
Werewolves and Dragons
Book 2 will focus on Bayden and Axel's continuing relationship and see how it grows and develops as the world around them changes. It's tentatively titled Bayden's Alpha. I'm hoping it will come out in 2016, but I expect it to be a similar length to Book 1 and stories that long take time.
FIT Guys
I have at least two more novellas planned for this series, but it will be a while before I'm ready to work on them.

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