Coming Soon


For a while now, new releases have been slower than I would like. But it looks like the tide is finally changing!


As of October 2016 I'm working on the next two titles in the Avian Shifter Series.


Sparkle is a completely new novella that follows on from Magpie. I expect it to be 20-25,000 words. It's going to focus on Everet's efforts to train Kane into being a good member of the nest. I think it's going to be kinky, light hearted and very glittery! It might come out in the spring of 2017.


Albatross is a completely new full length novel. I expect it to be about 80-85,000 words. It focuses on Ambrose - the albatross who works with Everet in the nest's security flock. The other main character hasn't appeared in the series yet. Like the other novels in the series, I think there will be some angst and some glimpses into the darker side of avian society. But there will also be kinky sex, a happy ending and two guys who are perfect for each other.


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