I've been fortunate enough to work with some really amazing people and organisations. Here's who they are and where you can find them...

All the people below have worked with me as a self-publishing author - they are all wonderful people and great at their jobs. Highly recommended!  
Chris Allen Riley does all the editing on my self-pub work. I met her at one of the publishers I used to work with and she has lots of experience working with both publishers and indi authors, as well as being an amazing author in her own right. She's worked on all different pairings and sub-genres with me. She's also edited me in both US and UK English.
Shannon Leeper does all the proof reading on my self-put work.
Kriss Norris does all the cover art for my self-pub work. Another wonderful contact that I made at an old publisher. Very experienced, great to work with and really patient with awkward customers like me. Fantastic author in her own right too!
Catherine Dair designed my author logo. She's an awesome artist who does lots of work for a whole variety of authors. She's also the creator of the amazing Pride Bunnies!





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