Kinky Cupid

A series of novellas. The series started off at Riptide Publishing but has now moved to being self published.
The stories follow the same group of characters. The secondary characters from one book become the primary characters for other books. So, the books are best read in order as part of the series.
At least four books are planned, all are Male/Male and Valentine's themed.
If you're coming to the series new, you may wish to start with Once a Brat and follow the series as it is released one each year rather than try to read any old versions.
(Two of the stories that are/will be part of this series originally came out with ARe. They have been/will be re-released as consistent parts of this series as their contracts come up for renewal.)
You can find those that are already available here, and those that may be coming soon here.

Avian Shifters

A collection of full length novels, all set in a world of avian shifters. It features birds of all different species and explores how they fit into the complicated heirarchy of the avian world.
For maximum enjoyment, please read the books in sequence.
The first one, Duck! is based on the fairy tale of The Ugly Duckling. None of the others are based on fairy tales.
Find those available now here.
These stories don't come out that often, since I find the full length novels more difficult to complete. Patience may be neccessary.

The Whole A-Z

The A-Z series ranges over all story lengths and gender combinations. The only thing they will all have in common are Kink, Love and a Happy Ending.
There are 26 books planned, one for each letter of the alphabet.
The current plan is to have 13 Male/Male. The other 13 will be roughly equal numbers of Male/Female, Female/Male, Female/Female and various types of menage.
The series has its own special page to help everyone keep track of what's going on. Check it out here.
(Oh, and, in case your wondering, the order the letters will be released in is completely random.)

Resplendence Gems

These are all stand alone short stories.
They're intended as quick little pick-me-ups, all short enough to be read in your coffee break.
The stories are not linked in any way. Read whichever ones take your fancy, in any order you like. There are 6 stories in all, and all have BDSM content of some sort.
Find those that are available here, no more are planned.
Two are charity books.

Sun, Sea and Submission

A collection of 6 Male/Male, BDSM novellas following the the men who both work and play at a very specialised hotel located in Pendragon Bay. 
These stories are linked only by location and can be read in any order.
I'm planning to write other stories set in the Pendragon world. Stay tuned for more news!
Find the ones that are already released here, and any that may be coming soon here.

Sex Sells

A collection of four Male/Male, BDSM novels following the owners and employees of SKIN advertising. These stories are best read in order as part of the series.
When four dominant friends set up an advertising agency, their ethos is summed up in the eight simple words—Sex sells and we’re very good at sex.
Hudson Scott, Miles Kavanagh, Peter Ingram and Jacob Neilson are determined to make SKIN designs a success, even if the men working for them seem equally set upon being more of a distraction than an asset.
It doesn’t matter if the employees of SKIN designs are Sealing the Deal, Waking up Naked, Learning the Ropes or Turning the Tables, there’s one thing for sure—working in this office will never be boring!
Check out those already available here, and click here to find out if any are coming soon.

Pushing The Envelope

A collection of short, Amber Kiss length, stories following the same two guys as they get together, get kinky, and explore their various fantasies, limits and desires. The stories are best read in sequence as part of the series.
There are 14 in total.
They are all available here.

Perfect Timing

Sometimes you meet the right person at the wrong time. Sometimes it takes an exceptional circumstance to make you realise the time has come. And sometimes you just have to wait to get for what you want.

But when the timing is perfect, anything could happen…
Please note that all these stories are connected solely by theme. They can all be read as stand alones in any order.
This series is on going. There are 12 books planned. Ten are MM, two are MF.
You can find the stories that are available now here, and any that may be coming soon here
The print books are here.


Leather. Latex. Silver. Gold. Ink. Velvet.

There are as many different shapes and styles of collar as there are people who wear them.

Protection. Possession. Dominance. Submission. Loyalty. Love.

Some collars mean it's time to play, others signify a life time commitment. A fun bit of bondage to one person can easily look like the kinky equivalent of a wedding ring to another. A gold necklace might look vanilla enough until you know what it means to the person wearing it.

But no matter what they are made of, or what they represent, collars are important. A collar can make or break the submissive wearing it - and the dominant who put it around their neck.

It doesn't matter if you are dominant or submissive. Everything changes once one person is Collared.
Please note that these stories are connected solely by theme. They can be read as stand alone titles and in any order.
This series is on going. There are 10 books planned. Some are MM. Some are MF.
You can find the stories that are available now here, and any that may be coming soon here
The print books are here.

Rawlings Men

A series of eight Male/Male BDSM novells, following men from the same extended family. All feature at least one man who works in law enforcement. These ones can be read as stand alones, but are best read in order as part of a series.
This series is complete. No further titles are planned.

The Rawlings men have always had a close association with the police force. Those who don't become police men themselves have always flocked towards related professions. The family is full of forensic psychologists, scene of crime officers and police advisors.


And as for those rare Rawlings men who have no interest in maintaining law and order - they can still appreciate a man in uniform, and a finely crafted pair of handcuffs!

The e-books are here, and the print titles are coming soon. 

G-A-Y Lust Bites

Being gay isn’t always easy. Between families and closets and psychotic ex-boyfriends, finding a happy ending can be difficult to say the least.
At the same time, other guys seem to fly a rainbow flag and breeze through homosexuality as if it’s the easiest thing in the world.
Maybe it’s about time the guys who’ve got it all worked out shared some of the fun with those having a rougher time of it.
Maybe that could lead to happy endings all around.

These stories are all Lust Bites - shorter stories at under 15,000 words.
Please note that these stories are connected solely by theme. They can all be read as stand alones, and can be read in any order.

This series is now complete. No further titles are planned.
One of the books is a charity book


Pack Discipline


A series of four Male/Male, BDSM, werewolf novels following wolves from the same pack. These stories are best read in order as part of the series. 

Werewolf packs have always thrived under a strict hierarchy. From alpha to omega, every wolf knows exactly what role his role in the pack is. For werewolves, everything is very simple, very disciplined.

But humans have developed a completely different way displaying their dominance and submission. When a pack of werewolves begin to discover human kinks, everything becomes very complicated.
Can a newly formed pack find the perfect balance between the werewolf traditions they have always known and the human games they are only just discovering? And in all the confusion, is there room for love as well as discipline?
This series is now complete - no new titles are planned.

The print books are here, and the e-books are here.

Antholgies and Seasonal releases

Written in response to various calls for submissions, this list contains a bit of everything. Male/Male, Male/Female, Male/Female/Male, vampires, werewolves, spirits and seasonal stories.
All my contributions are BDSM, but the collections they are part of vary considerably.
I don't have any more of these stories planned at the moment, although I've said that before only for a new call to catch my eye, so I'm not saying never!
Those that are already available as e-books are listed here.
The print versions of the anthologies are listed here
The audio books are here

Thrown to the Lions

A series of four Male/Male (or Male/Male/Male) BDSM werelion novels, following lions from the same pride. These ones are best read in order as part of a series. This series is complete.
Money. Excitement. Duty. Lust.
Four men have agreed to be thrown to the local pride of werelions. Each might have had a different motive when he first applied for the position of willing human sacrifice, but one thing is guaranteed - once a man is delivered, bound and naked, to the lions' doorstep, he’s destined to receive much more than he ever bargained for.
And, as for the lions who accept their sacrifices - from the leader of the pride, all the way down to the meekest cub, they're about to find out just how much trouble humans can be.
They are available in e-book here, and coming soon in print.